New trend: Engagement ring with a sapphire, a ruby or an emerald  

Whoever believes that an engagement ring must have, necessarily, a diamond, is mistaken! There is no rule, and you can choose any gemstone. In fact, it gives personality to the jewelry, for you can opt according to the preference of color among other individualities that your significant other possesses. For example, if your bride-to-be likes blue, one of our sapphire engagement rings will be an astonishing option. Women that have a strong personality with a unique style will be enthralled to be proposed with an extraordinary and unusual ring.

Sapphire is widely used in engagement rings, as it also carries a strong meaning: it is the gemstone of romance and eternal love. In addition to this strong symbolism and its beautiful deep blue tone, it is the royalty’s choice: one of the most famous engagement rings is Princess Diana’s sapphire engagement rings. Nowadays, it beautifies the finger of Kate Middleton, wife of Prince William. Do you still need a greater proof of how the right engagement ring can hold a powerful and eternal meaning?.

sapphire engagement rings

For a more captivating and striking look, ruby is a great choice to get away from the traditional diamond rings. Besides having a winsome shade of red, this gemstone carries the meaning of success in professional and loving life. Glamira brings to you the most dazzling ruby engagement rings that will take your beloved one’s breath away. When it comes to gemstones, emerald is one of the top references of sophistication, elegance and beauty. But do you know the origin of one of the most valuable gemstones in the world? Let’s go back a little in time to discover the history and meaning of this stone!

Originating from the Latin word smaragdus, which means “lightning”, “bolt,” the word emerald refers to the precious and valuable greenish gemstone, and refers to strong feelings of affection for someone, like being “struck by lightning”. It is a royal gemstone. Cleopatra, queen of Egypt and known for her beauty and intelligence, wore emerald gemstones to keep herself always beautiful and young. Among the Romans, this gemstone represented love, faithfulness and trust.

Your bride-to-be deserves a powerful ring that matches her colorful personality. Glamira has a vast collection of the most wondrous emerald engagement rings, able to astound the most demanding and luxurious tastes. Choosing Glamira, you will be indulged by our customer service experience, always accessible and by your side in every moment, providing comfort and safety in this very special time of your life. We have the expertise, the guarantee and authenticity required to make us the best choice for you.



Eternize your love with a perfect and everlasting symbol  

If you are here it means that you found your only one. We know how rare it is to find true love, so we are aware of the importance of finding the perfect ring. In Glamira you have a unique catalogue that surely will match the taste of you and your significant other. But don’t worry, even if going through the whole portfolio you don’t find a suitable piece, we will customize one especially for you! The engagement is when matrimonial life starts. It’s when we decide to spend the rest of our lives with that special person. Don’t let this moment slip through your fingers, show how committed you are choosing one of our dazzling white gold engagement rings, we are very sure that your true love will be mesmerized.


White gold is a metallic alloy composed of the mixture of gold (in percentage), silver, palladium and nickel. The brilliance and beauty that white gold possesses are caused by a rhodium bath, a metal of the same platinum family. Why is white gold the darling of our luxurious and demanding customers? One of the main reasons is because they do not like to mix gold with silver. Although there is no longer the concept that yellow gold should not be worn with silver, there are plenty of people that do not like wearing both together. A white gold ring matches beautifully with both traditional yellow gold jewelry, as with a silver one, becoming the perfect choice.

However, if your significant other has a more traditional taste, Glamira has numerous options of yellow gold engagement rings for couples that will certainly catch her eye. Glamira is a reference of excellence when it comes to high quality and authentic jewelry. Carefully made, our pieces are the best gifts for that special person.

Now that you have decided between yellow and white gold let’s talk about the gemstones. It’s known that the diamond is the top choice for engagement rings. Have you ever wondered when diamond engagement rings started becoming a tendency? Everything began in Austria with Archduke Maximilian, in his proposal to Mary of Burgundy. The first models produced were flat rings forged in gold or silver with a diamond nailed to the top. Fortunately, nowadays you have a lot more choices, and in Glamira your only concern will be choosing among our many outstanding gemstones. But don’t worry, we will be with you in every step of the way!.


Celebrate the beauty of love with the most outstanding gift  

One of the greatest achievements in life is finding true love, the special person that will thrill you and turn your world around. When it comes to engagement rings and wedding rings, we certainly have the right piece that will be the perfect symbol of your bond and commitment. If your preference is for silver tones, platinum wedding rings are the best choice for you. Known as the best partner for a diamond, platinum is an extremely resistant precious metal, which not suffers the effects caused by air and humidity. Its purity and unique properties toast the jewelry with a dazzling look! Because it is a metal of difficult oxidation, its intense colour does not change with the passage of time, making our platinum wedding rings one of our customers’ top choices.

Speaking of customers, we are used to a demanding and detail-oriented public. With us you can customize your jewelry, immortalizing a dream in the form of a ring. We understand that excellent design is a balance between shapes and proportions, and to us, each detail is of huge importance. Our design, which is versatile and timeless, is capable of meeting the most rigorous expectations. Much beyond high quality and beauty, we believe that the jewelry should mark moments and tell stories, which is why we will be with you during all the process of purchase and after, ensuring you the best experience and support during this special time of your life.

Our target audience is people of luxurious style, who prefer sophistication and exclusivity on a daily basis. We believe that transparency and honesty are the keys to a good relationship, which is why we shaped our business in an easy and customer-friendly way, to provide not a mere service, but a pleasant experience.

In Glamira you will find a complete portfolio, and in case you don’t find something that suits your taste, we create a customized piece just for you. We offer excellence in every aspect. Feel welcome to browse our online catalogues and get inspired. Each detail of our store is made with dedication and love, for we want to make sure to be part of your life. Don’t hesitate to contact us in case of any doubts; we will be accessible and at your disposal. In Glamira you find all you need: authenticity, excellence, and exclusivity. Let us surprise you!.